We are a country of diverse religions. There have been so many instances when this religious diversity and unity of ours was under threat, but we as a nation continue to stand in unison.

The Citizenship Amendment Act, which is believed to be anti-Muslim, triggered widespread protests across the country. In the wake of these protests, we witnessed some beautiful instances of religious unity. Instances where youngsters and old people across religions came together together to prove one point – nothing can divide us.

Amid all this, an old interview of actor Ashutosh Rana is being shared widely on social media.

When asked about the state of our country, he explained the essence of our nation through a beautiful poem.

In the opening lines, he talked about how we have divided the land on the basis of religion, but we cannot divide the other elements of nature, like stars and rivers.

In his poem, he also asked an important question: What would be the religion of water and air around us?

All of us breathe the same air and drink the same water, and no matter how hard the divisive elements try, it is not possible to divide the air and water that unite us.

He further talked about the fake elements of society, dividing people on the basis of religion. Because, neither did Ram destroy any mosque, nor did Allah destroy any temple.

Though the interview is not recent, it perfectly explains the crisis our country is in right now.

You can watch the entire interview here.