As the situation in Ukraine continues to worsen, owners of a cat café in Lviv, refuse to shut their doors. Their reason? Under no circumstances would they abandon their cats.

On 24th February 2022 at about 03:00 GMT, Russian President Vladimir declared war on Ukraine. Since then the country has been in a constant state of terror. The once bustling city of Lviv has now been deserted and left in shambles as citizens try to flee the Russian invasion. Amidst the chaos and destruction, the couple’s decision to protect their 20 cats serves as a ray of hope in this dark hour. In an interview with CNN, the couple revealed, “If we go, no one will feed our cats. We will never flee Ukraine.”

Twitter users were quick to shower their praises for the couple:

This couple’s noble action is a hearty burst of optimism the world needs these trying times.