Till the time there is a cure or vaccine for coronavirus, social distancing is our best bet at staying alive. Which seems like a simple thing to understand. ‘Seems like’ being the operative phrase.

Because people across the country have been flouting lockdown rules left, right and center and for idiotic reasons at that. Here are some of them.

1. Mumbai housing society holding a ‘samosa party’.

Mumbai is a Covid-19 hotspot in India but that didn’t stop people in a housing complex in Vallabh lane from organising a ‘music and samosa party’. This led to the arrest of the chairman along with a member of the society. 

2. Barabanki BJP leader and 20 others deciding to play a cricket match amid lockdown.

The incident happened in April during the second phase of lockdown – and police had to be called in to disperse the participants.

Cric Diaries

3. People holding torch rallies to ‘thank’ medical professionals.

In a totally counterproductive move, people took PM Modi’s appeal to light diyas a step ahead and turned up on roads with flaming torches. *Facepalm*

4. Haryana couple eloping to get married thinking because they thought ‘lockdown was the perfect time to start a new life’.

They didn’t think they were violating any rules though. I am not sure how that works and neither did the police, who booked them when they came to request protection from their families.

Daily Motion

5. Residents of Ram Darbar in Chandigarh gathering to welcome a cured COVID-19 patient.

Cases were filed against many of them and an enquiry against the regional police was demanded.

6. Parents sending their kid to tuition, violating the lockdown and putting him at risk.

In a twist, the 5-year-old child summoned the police and got everyone a great deal of scolding.

7. Celebrating the ‘demise of coronavirus’ by gathering on the streets.

Which is stupid in itself but more so because this happened on March 22 when India’s fight against the pandemic had just begun.

8. People forgetting about all rules on the first day of liquor shops opening in Delhi.

9. UP man putting a drip on his father inside a hired ambulance to get married in Delhi.

Where do I even begin with this one. The man apparently hired an ambulance and put his father inside with a drip so that he can show him to the police at various checkposts. He even managed to come back but was outed by his neighbours.

Times Now

10. Karnataka BJP MLA Masale Jayaram throwing a birthday bash for himself and later saying he wasn’t present there.

Turns out, people miss parties the most.

India TV

Endless stupidity.