As we jump from one potential apocalypse to another, the real question that needs to be answered is ‘which lives deserve to be saved?’ A question often asked by the morally grey character looking at the big picture to the goody-two-shoes samaritan in every doomsday film.  


Except, the Ukrainian crisis might have provided some honest answers. Make no mistake, these answers are morally repugnant, stink of colonialism and a disdain for people with increased levels of melanin under their skin. 

Watching journalists to world leaders describe the situation and the refugee crisis has been quite a challenge if you aren’t a product of the ‘blonde hair blue eyes’ industrial complex. Take a look. 

This is CBS foreign correspondent Charlie D’Agata talking about Afghanistan like the USA didn’t invade it and spent two decades turning it into a failed state at the mercy of the Taliban. 

Too many words to come out an outright racist on a global platform. 

For those less inclined to learn world history, this man is talking about Iraq and Afghanistan like the French armed forces aren’t currently stationed in the Middle East, the same army that ran away and surrendered Paris to Hitler in the 1940s. 

“They seem so much like us.” I wonder what he’s talking about. Maybe they don’t season their food either. 

Oh, so it’s cool to invade countries that come with a yellow filter. 

Because Syrians aren’t sentient beings. 

At times, I wonder if we are living in a satire. 

I suppose, one good thing is that people are calling these racist a**holes out. 

Racism is one stinky cologne!