Billions of animals, including koalas have lost their lives in the Australian bushfires but, there are still thousands of endangered animals that remain stranded, amid the bushfire crisis.

So, in an effort to feed the stranded animals the staff of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service decided to airdrop food as part of “Operation Rock Wallaby.”

Helicopters are being used to drop thousands of kilograms of carrots and sweet potatoes for all those endangered animals who are still fighting for survival. 

Over the past week, more than 2,200 kilograms of fresh carrots and sweet potatoes have been airdropped for the animals. 

As of now, sweet potatoes and carrots have been dropped over Capertee and Wolgan valleys, Yengo National Park, Kangaroo Valley, Jenolan, Oxley Wild Rivers and Curracubundi national parks.

After seeing the viral video, even the internet is praising the efforts of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service for providing the animals with food.

We highly appreciate the efforts made by the staff members of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.
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