PM Modi is a man of specific taste. There is a lot to prove the same, but here we look at his gadgets and accessories. 

These are from brands across the world, and always become a topic of discussion as you can imagine.

Anyway, let’s jump to the list, shall we?

1. Bose Headphones. 

Recently, PM Modi went on an ariel survey of the areas impacted by Cyclone Tauktae, and he was pictured wearing noise-cancelling headphones from Bose. The internet quickly did its research and found out the model.

Apparently, they are QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II, which cost ₹29,363. 

2. Maybach Sunglasses.

PM Modi came out wearing Maybach Sunglasses to watch a solar eclipse back in 2019, and that’s all people talked about that day. 

Legit too, they cost ₹1.5 lakh!

3. Apple iPhone 6.

While there isn’t much information on what phone PM Modi is currently using, it is safe to assume that it is some model of iPhone. 

The reason being many pictures of him using the mobile in the past. 


Reports suggest that he was spotted using an iPhone6 in 2018, which now costs ₹13k, but would have been more expensive 3 years ago.

4. Movado Watch.

Movado is a Swiss brand and the model PM Modi wears apparently costs somewhere around ₹1.3 lakh. He is quite fond of it actually. 

India Today

5. Bulgari Sunglasses.

PM Modi has been spotted wearing Bulgari on certain occasions, like his 2017 trip to Kedarnath. A quick search tells us that the cost of these glasses is between ₹15k-₹30k.


6. Montblanc Pen.

While it is not known which exact pen he uses, it has to be expensive if it is Montblanc. The PM apparently uses fountain pens for his work and they can cost anything between ₹70k to ₹10k.

News 24
The Iconic

Some reports also suggest that the pen costs ₹1.3 lakh, though that could not be verified independently. 

He’s got some taste.