Ads have the potential to create an urge within us to want something we don’t even require. 

Some advertisements are appreciated for their creativity whereas many are ridiculed for their absurdity. 

With respect to the latter one, a Billboard Ad in Pune introducing 0.25 BKH flats has grabbed many eyeballs. 

According to Cambridge Dictionary, Cosmopolitan is referred to ‘having experience of people and things from many different parts of the world’ and Neo means ‘new or recent, or in a modern form’. Now it’s on you to decipher what does the term ‘Neo-Cosmopolitan’ in totality denotes. 

Twitter reactions are hilarious look at:

While some actually tried making sense of this advertisement:

What do you think about this innovation? Are Punekars ready to adapt to this ‘neo-cosmopolitan’ lifestyle. Let us know your thoughts below.