Whenever we picture getting a haircut, we either imagine a quick trim or a particular hairstyle. However, there is a talented barber duo that is literally embossing art on their customer’s hair and they are nothing but masterpieces.

Dabwali-based barber siblings, Rajwinder Singh Sidhu and Gurwinder Singh Sidhu, are gradually becoming popular for giving unique haircuts. They chop their customers’ hair in whatever shape and image they desire.

Whether it’s a lifelike portrait of any celebrity, cartoon characters, animals or popular monuments, the duo gives their clients a picture-perfect hairdo along with the tiniest details using their tools.

In an interview with Reuters, the duo mentioned how they used to practice their skills till late at night. They revealed that they are planning to take their business abroad in future. 

In the beginning, we used to give anyone we could get hold of free haircuts so that we could practice our skills on them. Some days we used to practice till 2 AM because during the day we used to run the regular salon.

The duo, aged 29 and 31, charge between ₹1502 and ₹2253 for their special haircuts. 

One of their salon customers, Darbar Singh, said:

Today, I got a tattoo of the Taj Mahal. The monument is very beautiful and with this tattoo, I will stand out in the crowd.
Tribune India

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Note: All the images are from Reuters.