There are figures so astounding, that I doubt my brain is able to process them fully. For instance, ₹1,001 crore – I know what that means mathematically, but it’s too astronomical a figure for me to understand its essence. 

Anyway, that is the cost of the house bought by Radhakishan Damani, the founder, and CEO of DMart, last year.

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Situated in Malabar Hill, Mumbai, the property is almost a century old and spans across 5,752 square meters. Fair enough. 

Damani, who has a net worth of $19.7 billion, bought the costliest house in India in 2021, leaving behind the second-place holders, Ravi and Neel Raheja, by almost double the amount of money spent on buying the property. The latter got theirs for ₹427 crore.

Money Control

Apart from this, he also made a purchase of ₹250 core-house in Thane region of Mumbai and currently lives in Altamount Road – it’s a mansion-type situation. 

Given his love for property (and the profitable returns it yields), it comes as no surprise that he acquired the Radisson Blu Resort, in Alibaug for ₹135 crore. That’s almost one-tenth of what he spent to buy his own house, yes.


Damani has a pretty good reputation in the Industrial arena and has famously been a recluse. That’s the reason why there isn’t enough information on the list of his assets. 

He is the guru of investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, and that’s saying something. Damani was dealing with stocks at the same time as Harshad Mehta and got his initial wealth from there.

Anyway, coming back to lavish houses, among the 61 people who bought India’s most expensive houses, is Chetan Bhagat who bought property worth ₹11.6 crore last year. Whereas, Manoj Modi, the director of Reliance Jio and Reliance Retail, put in ₹192 crore in property.

Those are some insane numbers and warrant a little introspection. Most billionaires saw an increase in their wealth during the pandemic, which has likely led to these huge investments, and while it’s interesting to read up about all that they own, the income inequality is not pretty at all. A house worth thousand crores!