The national capital is burning for the past four days. Violent clashes were reported in various localities of North-East Delhi over CAA and the situation is worse than anyone can ever imagine.


The streets are empty, shops have been vandalized and debris is lying around everywhere and this is quite shocking for the entire country. 


Even film actor and politician, Rajinikanth, who is supposed to be BJP's ally in Tamil Nadu, has broken his silence over the situation. According to reports, he blames the Central government for the Delhi riots that broke out. 

According to the Indian Express, while speaking to the media outside his Poes Garden residence he said:

If they (government) cannot do it, they should resign and go, that’s it.

He further added

It was the intelligence failure of the Centre. Especially when there was a visit of US President, they should have been vigilant. They should have stopped this violence with an iron hand. I hope the Centre will be vigilant at least now. It is very clear that certain people, certain groups are using religion to instigate violence. This is taking a wrong turn.   

Communal violence in North-East Delhi has claimed over 35 lives and injured more than 200 people since 24th February 2020.