Breaking the world records has always been desirable but only when it’s not 2021. It has been a tough year so far. And while there have been so much goodness around, we could not stop our country from making these records, we’ll never be proud of.

1. Petrol and diesel prices are at an all-time high in India.

While petrol was retailing at ₹105 in Mumbai, it was sold at ₹110/litre in some parts of Rajasthan. The upward movement in the prices of petrol started in May, this year when it crossed the ₹100 mark in various cities across the country.

When compared to other cities in the world, the price of petrol in New York was half that in India.

2. India’s GDP recorded its worst ever performance in over four decades with a negative growth of 7.3% for 2020-21.

The GDP numbers released by the NSO showed the sharp decline in India’s GDP mainly hit by the pandemic.

Indian Express

3. COVID-19 cases and related deaths in India were the highest in the world in the month of May, this year.

India recorded the world’s highest single-day spike in COVID cases when the number crossed the 3-lakh mark on 21st April. It was also the first country in the world to clock over 4 lakh daily COVID cases.

4. Inflation in India was at a record high in May, this year.

Retail inflation jumped to a 6-month high in May and wholesale inflation also hit a new high of 12.9%. 

Indian Express

5. India retained its 142nd rank on the Press Freedom Index in 2021. This is our worst rank ever.

We were ranked 142 on the 2020 World Press Freedom Index compiled by the Paris-based advocacy group Reporters Sans Frontieres. We retained the rank, this year. The index considers 180 countries, this means, there are only 38 countries in the world with even less freedom for media than India.  

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6. The domestic violence complaints filed with NCW between January and May were the highest for any year since 2000.

Over 2,300 domestic violence complaints were filed with the National Commission for Women between January and May in 2021. Most of these complaints were received from U.P., while the highest complaint rate was recorded in Delhi.

Indian Express

These were not the records we were looking forward to.