Remember K Kamalathal AKA Idli Amma? The 80-year-old woman who serves idlis with sambhar in Tamil Nadu for just ₹1? 

Even during the lockdown, this granny kept selling her delicious idlis for the same price despite the soaring prices of everything else. But sadly, her living conditions and limited kitchen space didn’t allow her to expand her business.      

Laughing Colours

This is when Anand Mahindra and his company Mahindra Group came to her rescue. The group came forward and helped Amma register a piece of land in her name wherein they will soon begin the construction of her new home-cum-working space. 

Anand Mahindra announced this good news on Twitter and also shared that the registration of land has already taken place at the Thondamuthur registry office and construction will soon begin as soon as Amma decides where she wants her workstation.   

After getting to know about this, netizens lauded Mahindra for his initiative and wished Amma well for a new phase in her life.