For the last two days, the video of Pradeep Mehra, an Army aspirant working in Noida has been circulating on the internet. The video was taken and uploaded by writer Vinod Kapri and it showed Pradep running 10kms to his home after completing his day’s work at McDonald’s, Noida.

The video touched people’s hearts as it displayed the persistence of Pradeep who runs every day from work to home because it’s the only time he gets to practice for AArmy entrance. 

What it also started was a conversation around inequality that leads someone to work unfairly hard. Now, support for Pradeep has started pouring in and it is noteworthy that  Lt. Gen Satish Dua has reached out to his peers to help the 19-year-old with the entrance.

In a tweet, Lt. Dua mentioned that he has spoken to Lt. Gen Rana Kalita, Colonel of Kumaon Regiment about the same.

And here’s how people have been reacting to the news.

Again, while this is good news, let us not allow it to distract us from the topic of privilege and lack of it.