A week after AK Shihabudheen’s hens in Kerala started giving eggs with green yolk, the mystery of the phenomenon has apparently been solved.

In the primary, research that is.

As per Times of India, the scientists at Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University have found that this happened due to the feed given to the hens.

Facebook/Shihabudheen Ak

Talking to The News Minute, the Dr S Sankaralingam, assistant professor in the Poultry Science Department explained the whole thing:

We strongly believed that this was due to the feed given to the birds. The hens started to lay eggs with yellow-coloured yolks after they were provided with feed given by the university.
Facebook/Shihabudheen Ak

While adding:

Within two weeks, eggs changed colour and now the green colour of the yolks has completely changed to yellow at his farm. The specimen hen brought to the university also has started to gradually lay yellow-yolked eggs. Shihabudheen had said that he hadn’t fed anything particular to the hens, but some natural herbs that commonly grow in house yards in Kerala like Kurunthotti (Sida cordifolia, a medicinal herb), can impart colour like this.
The News Minute

Meanwhile Shihabudheen has denied feeding anything out of the ordinary to hens. 

It will take the scientists some more time to figure out the real reason.

Earlier this month, he Shihabudheen’s video of hens giving green yolk at his farm went viral. As per reports, this was happening since 9 months but it caught the attention of people, including scientists after many people started sharing the video.