After a series of delays, the four convicts in the Nirbhaya case were hanged to death today. 

At the time the case was first reported, in 2012, Delhi Police appointed Supreme Court lawyer Dayan Krishnan as the special public prosecutor in the case. As per reports, Dayan Krishnan took on the case free of cost. 

He along with the other lead assistant public prosecutor, Rajeev Mohan, and APP A.T. Ansari, helped build a water-tight charge-sheet against the convicts that allowed the judiciary to award a death sentence to four of the six accused. One convict was a juvenile and thus received imprisonment for three years and another allegedly committed suicide while in custody. 

Apart from these prosecutors who first fought the case, lawyer Seema Kushwaha has fought alongside Nirbhaya's mother Asha Devi for 7 years, demanding justice. 

Seema Kushwaha and Asha Devi
Source: Twitter

The convicts kept appealing the death sentence which consequently postponed the hanging. During the time, lawyer Seema Kushwaha constantly questioned the delay in the judgement and kept fighting to uphold the death sentence for the convicts. 

Seema Kushwaha
Source: ANI

Seema Kushwaha, an alumnus of Delhi University, was preparing for Civil Services when she first heard about the shocking incident. After graduating in 2014, she joined the battle to fight for justice for Nirbhaya. 

Today, when finally justice was provided, many people took to Twitter to commend Kushwaha's service. 

The efforts she put in to ensure that justice is delivered are truly commendable.