Intensive checking is being conducted at all state borders during the lockdown to deal with illegal transportation of liquor and other drugs like marijuana

Last month in July, liquor worth 72 lakhs was seized and destroyed by the Andhra Police with the help of a road roller at Police Parade Ground in Machilipatnam.

According to the police, as many as 14,189 bottles of NDP liquor and 270 litres of ID arrack were destroyed. These liquor bottles were allegedly seized in 312 different cases by 10 police stations. Krishna district SP M Ravindranath Babu said:

We are destroying excise property seized in excise cases filed in the range of 10 police stations in the district. This is the property seized in 312 cases in the limits of 10 police stations.

However, Netizens were quite upset to see so many liquor bottles go to waste. 

Officials further added that since the Special Enforcement Bureau (Liquor and Sand) was formed by the government in May to curb illegal transportation, the cases of liquor and sand seizure has gone up by 300 and 400 percent respectively.