Who hates munching on some crispy rusks on a rainy day? It has been our go-to snack to have with a cup of piping hot tea for ages. However, you might not even consider buying it once you scroll ahead.

In a viral clip, two factory workers are seen licking, spitting and keeping their feet on rusks before putting them inside packets at a manufacturing factory.

In the undated video, the duo is seen intentionally putting their bare feet on the rusks, which are kept on the floor in a tray.

The video was shared by an Instagram page giedde and has since then garnered 67,000 views.

The video has left people disgusted and this is what they said:


You can watch the entire clip here:

However, this is not the first time such a disgusting clip has gone viral. Earlier, a video clip of a Guwahati vendor mixing urine in golgappas had left the netizens disgusted. The vendor was even arrested after his clip went viral.

Do you think they should be arrested?

Note: all images are taken from Instagram.