With industries shut and humans staying away in their homes, the environment has improved drastically. Reports also suggest that some of the major cities of India have recorded 40-50% drop in air pollution.

This has made the air much cleaner, treating us to some enchanting sights. Like these snow-clad Himalayan peaks visible from Saharanpur in UP.

An IT officer, Dushyant Singh captured these pictures from his house on Monday, 27th April.

Another resident, Ashutosh Mishra also shared a picture from his home.

Certain reports suggest that the AQI of Saharanpur is 40 at present and these mountain ranges are believed to be at a distance of around 150-200 km from Saharanpur.


As the pictures went viral on the internet, people started sharing their own experiences from Saharanpur and welcomed this change in the environment.

Earlier this month, residents of Jalandhar in Punjab woke up to the views of snow-covered Himalayan ranges.

It’s amazing to see the nature living its best life.