Earlier this week, the entire world was shaken as thousands of helpless people swarmed Kabul airport to grasp one last chance to escape the war-torn country. The horrifying clip of two people falling from the aircraft after holding on to the wheels in order to fly out of the nation shocked everyone.

Amid such a deteriorating situation, a clothing shop mocked the death of innocent people by selling t-shirts with silhouettes of the unfortunate incident.


ConaneShop, an Etsy shop, was selling distasteful t-shirts with the tagline ‘Kabul Skydiving Club’. Available for both men and women in various shades, the t-shirts had figures of two people falling from an aircraft with ‘Est. 2021’ written at the bottom.


Although the shop has now removed the offensive t-shirts from their website, netizens were quick to respond.


It’s downright sickening and disgusting.