After Rihanna tweeted about the farmers’ protest, drawing widespread international attention to the protest in the process, various Indian celebrities shared eerily similar messages on Twitter about how India’s ‘internal matters’ need no foreign interference. 

Suffice to say, many people saw their idols fall from grace as celebrities who hadn’t spoken about the protest even once in all the months, suddenly became the brand ambassadors of ‘copy-paste’. 

And pretty soon, #spinelesscelebrities was trending on Twitter.

But now, street artist Tyler has come up with the perfect solution – a tree that every celebrity needs, but few can grow i.e. the spine tree! 

Yes, in his inimitable style, street artist Tyler shared two photos where he’s offering ‘spines’ to people, and to be honest, this is one commodity we’re totally advocating for. 

And we’re not the only ones: 

Didn’t they say (s)pine trees are evergreen?