When we had reached out to people behind the ‘Walk of Shame‘ in Mumbai, things were completely different. Thousands of messages were pouring in each day on the account named Tyler Street Art, and their followers were participating in the initiative, by listing names of personalities they thought had let the country down.  

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Next name please 💩💩

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The idea was to put the names of these public figures inside a circle, a concept taken from Hollywood’s ‘Walk of Fame’, but twisted to the needs of activism that our country badly needs.

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Comment with the next persons name 💩

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All in all, this was going to be a different interview. 

However, things changed overnight. The circles were painted over and the entire project was washed away in one go. 

The reason is linked to the personalities, mostly very powerful, tweeting out to the Mumbai police. This made things reach a point where an action had to be taken.

These names include, Kangana Ranaut and Sambit Patra, both of whom had featured on Walk of Shame. 

However, it was later found out that the picture in the tweet shared by Kangana was morphed, and a case was filed for the same. 

Speaking to ScoopWhoop on the matter, artist Tyler said that he received hundreds of abuses online. But that is not where it stopped. People also mass reported his account, in a bid to put an end to this altogether. 

I’ve received a tonne of threats, mass reporting of my handle and a bowl full of abuses. 
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Which makes one wonder what makes the whole process, the danger, the risks – worth it. You’d want to think it’s the art and the message. 

That begs for the question: What does it mean to be an artist? According to Tyler, it’s being courageous. 

To be an artist is to be fearless.

With the project washed over, it only made sense to ask him what happens next. To which he replies, “My project is now complete”.

I guess my project is now complete. People whose names were painted, tweeted the same to their large audience. What more could I ask for? 

However, he does have a positive outlook on the whole matter and says that pulling off the stunt wasn’t necessarily difficult.

I didn’t face any problem pulling this stunt off. I got what I wanted.

Well, the names might have been wiped off the streets, but they are etched in people’s brains. Here’s hoping we never forget the ones who let us down.