Watching a cricket match can be a super fun thing to do and banter about with your friends and family, but not in the case of those desperate Indian men who’re the vilest and loathsome creatures on this planet.

Now, you know how cricket cameramen have a peculiar habit of zooming in on women during live matches. And what comes next? Despo desi men begin salivating. More often than not, these women end up getting viral on social media, and a stalking marathon begins.

This is what happened when a Pakistani woman recorded during the PAK Vs NZ T20 World Cup match got viral on Indian social media. Desi men kept ogling at her snapshots and wrote the most perverted things possible.

People began circulating her photos and videos. Additionally, self-proclaimed detectives of the Internet began mass stalking different social media profiles to find her personal handles. In the process, several fake accounts claiming to be the ‘viral Pak mystery girl’ were also circulated.

The woman then went on to her Instagram profile and specifically requested her followers to report fake profiles and the Indian accounts posting her photographs.

By the way, this ain’t a standalone story. It keeps happening every time a woman from a cricket stadium goes viral. From online trolling to immense commodification, lewd men on social media talk about the woman as an object, a prize to be won over. They fill different online platforms with sexual innuendoes and ‘just for fun’ jokes that reek of misogyny and immense sexism.

Here’s how a few sane and angry Twitter users are calling out this problematic affair.

This entire fiasco just goes on to show that no woman can go out there and be herself freely cos it’ll take 0.00 seconds for desperate desi men to make her viral and spew filth and misogyny on social media.