With the fresh coronavirus cases nearing 8 lakh, India is the third worst affected country in the world.

Administration and people are trying to spread awareness about the virus and ways to keep ourselves safe through novel and innovative methods.

While a restaurant in Madurai is making parottas in the shape of face masks, recently a woman dressed as a goddess was seen distributing masks on the streets of Chennai.

According to reports, the woman is dressed as Goddess Mariamman, whom people in Tamil Nadu pray to for good health and immunity. 

The step was taken to spread awareness and teach people the importance of wearing masks after state health officials reported that around 30% of the people in rural areas do not follow the guidelines in place.

Deccan Herald

Similar scenes were also witnessed in Delhi where the police asked people to stay indoors with the help of a local artist dressed as Yamraj.

Tamil Nadu is the second worst-hit state in India after Maharashtra. As the state reopens with restrictions in place, it is important that people follow social distancing rules and these are attempts to ensure the same.