It has only been a couple of days since news about a 17-year-old Punjabi teenager spending Rs 16 lakh on PUBG mobile came out and we have another similar case on our hands. 


According to NDTV, a Mohali-based teenager has reportedly spent Rs 2 lakh on the game. The 15-year old has allegedly used his grandfather’s pension amount to make the game’s in-app purchases. 


Reports claim that the teenager had started playing the game in January. His uncle told reporters that he had been taught to make discreet payments through his grandfather’s bank account by a senior from his school. 


Initially, the family had thought that the kid had made 30 payments in the past two months, which came to a total of Rs 55,000. But upon further questioning the boy revealed that he had spent more than Rs 2 lakh on the game. 


The family has now lodged a complaint against the senior who allegedly introduced him to these fraudulent methods.