Among other things, this pandemic has brought to light acts of brutality against innocent animals that some cruel people are indulging in. 

Disclaimer: This article contains graphic content. Readers’ discretion is advised.  

Recently, a Tik Tok video went viral, where two teenagers ill-treated a stray dog. They tied the helpless dog’s legs and threw him into a pond, pelted stones at him and left him to drown. 

After the video of the barbaric act went viral, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) took note of the incident and offered ₹50,000 to anyone who provided them information about the two unidentified teens. PETA in its blog wrote:

We’re calling on anyone with information to come forward immediately – to help dogs and humans. As psychologists well know, violent people often start by abusing animals and then move on to target humans. 

Even people on social media were outraged. They demanded arrests of those men who were involved in this heinous crime. 

Soon, the young men were identified and traced. Apparently, both of them hail from Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. According to reports, an FIR was lodged on Sunday in Madhav Nagar police station against a 19-year-old and a minor involved in the incident.

After the accused were traced and tracked down, PETA praised the Ujjain police for their help. A chargesheet has also been filed against the teenagers for killing the dog. 

According to TOI, when the culprits were asked about why they abused the dog, the teens revealed that they did it “just for fun”. 

After the arrests were made, social media users thanked the police and PETA for their prompt work. 

Both the animal abusers have been arrested now. Such acts of brutality against innocent, helpless creatures needs to end.