They say that things you really want in life do not come easy. It’s our actions and efforts that decide if we get what we want. Apparently, as a society our actions do not match our aspirations.

1. We want hundreds of medals in the Olympics but we do not want to give more than one PT period per week in schools.

2. We will fine women for wearing shorts instead of bikinis in sports but we do not want girls to wear skirts above knees in schools.

3. We want winning votes in the elections but we do not want to visit our constituency even once in 4 years.

4. We want our films to win Oscars and other international awards but we do not want our kids to pursue Arts after class X.

5. We want to be called a safe country but we do not want to take action against rape/sexual harrassment accused. 

6. We want jobs soon after graduation but we do not want to recognise vocational education and run after college degrees.


7. We will ban porn but we do not want to impart sex education in schools.


8. We will build huge statues in honour of leaders like BR Amdebkar but we do not want to treat lower castes with respect.

9. We want women to bring gold medals in sports but we do not want them to give up household work at the same time.

10. We want Swachh Bharat Mission to be a success but we won’t stop urinating or littering in public spaces.