Twitter user lost his phone while commuting from work to home. He tried to catch the thieves, even tried to follow them but failed, so he went to seek the help of the police. They ensured him that they’ll do their best to get his phone back and insisted on not filing an FIR. And the whole scenario turned into a tale of a lost phone that went from Bengaluru to Bangladesh – just because the journo trusted the police. He shared this ordeal through a series of tweets.

Sadly, this isn’t an isolated incident. This happens all around the country, from people’s phones getting snatched in an auto to policemen asking not to file an FIR and them agreeing to it in distress. Bharath also shared a few things he learnt from this incident that you can follow too.

After the tweets, people came forward to share similar incidents that happened to them and also criticised the authorities for Bengaluru’s abysmal condition.

So, if you are travelling in an auto rickshaw, be careful while using your phone and if any such incident happens, always insist on filing an FIR.

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