In today’s age, Bengaluru has been completely engulfed by technology. It makes sense why the city fancies a truckload of young Indians. This high-tech metropolis has connected every individual, right from an auto-rickshaw driver to a delivery guy, through a common web of technology.

Randomly discovering oddly cool things in Bengaluru is nothing new, but for those of us who don’t live there, it will definitely make you go cray-cray. So, here are some everyday instances that made us shake our heads and say ‘only in Bengaluru’.

1. Top-recruiting MBA companies also party together. Don’t be amazed if you find your college’s placement cell drunk dancing here. 

2. Someone spotted a guy in Bangalore selling kulhad chai who has a slate placed on his stall which clearly states ‘Crypto accepted here’.

3. Once a Swiggy delivery executive delivered a customer’s order using Dunzo because he was lazy to deliver it himself. 

4. When a Twitter user, stuck in heavy traffic, asked his auto driver to drop him straight to the office and not to stop for CNG, auto driver asked him: ‘Log in kab ka hai?’

5. A signboard in a park instructed people to not walk in the anti-clockwise direction. Well, we’d like to assume that nothing in Bengaluru happens without a reason. 

6. Another party where only royalties are allowed. Elite much?

7. Technology helped an auto driver and the owner of a missing phone to coordinate via live location. Later on, gratitude was also expressed digitally. 

Next time you spot a ‘Peak Bengaluru’ moment, add them in the comments below.