If you’re a pet owner, you’d know that the one thing that’s keeping you sane during these testing times is having your furballs around you all the time. But what about the pets who are stranded alone without their pet parents because of the lockdown? 

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Well, in a heartwarming initiative, an ‘all-pet’ private jet has been chartered to cater to such an unusual situation. It is all set to transport six pets who were living without their pet parent in Delhi because of the nation-wide lockdown.


With an aim to reunite these furballs with their family, this initiative was taken up a 25-year-old cybersecurity researcher Deepika Singh. The plane will be all set to land in Mumbai from Delhi by mid-June. 

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The jet has so far been booked by pet parents of two Shih Tzus, one Golden Retriever and a Lady Pheasant bird. However, they’re still searching for two more pet passengers for the plane to hit the runway. 

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According to reports, Deepika was planning to airlift her relatives who were stranded in Delhi when she also thought about accompanying a few pets. But not all of the passengers wanted to travel with pets. 

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This situation pushed her to come up with the thoughtful idea of hiring an ‘all pet’ private jet. So she approached Accretion Aviation, an aggregator of private jets, helicopters and yachts, for a six-seater plane.


The estimated figure for the rentals of the plane is somewhere around Rs. 9.06 lakh which means that every pet passenger’ seat will be costing Rs 1.60 lakh.  

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Even though it is an exorbitant amount, being a pet owner if I had the resources and was in a similar situation, I would do everything in my power to reuinte with my pets. After all, it is a tough time for them as well. 


In a conversation with The Print,  a pet parent who has been away from her pooch for a long time opened about up about how she felt: 

I did not care about money. They are like my children. I miss them terribly.

We hope that the search for two more pet passengers is completed soon so that the six furballs can reunite with with their family.