Pet owners, let me ask you so something. While you might crib about hibernating in your quarantine cocoon, who is the happiest to have you around the house for 21-days straight? 

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While you’re maintaining a minimum of 6-foot-distance with everybody, including the members of your own family, who’s the only one you’re allowed to cuddle and have physical contact with (without worrying about the virus)


As an extrovert, my four-legged furball is literally my knight in the shining armour during the lockdown. My full-time entertainment, the best WFH colleague and my only source of hugs and cuddles.  

I mean yeah, I’m terrified out of my mind that someday, my furball is going to bark in excitement and photo bomb my Zoom conference call with my bosses, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. 


And please let me just give my doggo a special mention for her adorable candid poses, she is literally the only reason why my life on social media is active. 


While people from across the globe are teaming up with their doggos to send them grocery shopping amidst the lockdown, my furball is literally the only thing that’s keeping me sane during these apocalyptic times.  


Pets have this magical superpower, you know? They always know how to cheer you up, no matter how weird your mood is. I feel like my doggo is literally saving me from all the pandemic induced anxiety. 


Taking my doggo out for small, close walks is literally the highlight of my day. Even if it means wearing gloves, mask and swimming googles to protect myself from the virus. 

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The only bright side to this lockdown is that I’ve finally stopped wondering what my pet does the whole day because I get to see it. Now, if you come to think about it, maybe having your owners home with you all the time is your pet’s idea of a vacation. 

And you know, all this while I thought that spending these days just playing with my furball would make them happy, but I’ve come to realise that I needed it much more than they did. 

Having a pet in times of no social contact is like having a lifeboat. It’s literally the ray of hope you need to boost your morale. People who’re doing this without pets, I have a mad level of respect for you.

Do you guys think that there’s a possibility that your pets might want their pre-quarantine life back? Because they’re sick of you hogging their personal space?