In a shocking episode, a 22-year-old woman, believed to be hailing from Manipur, was kidnapped in south Bengaluru by an unidentified man, reports NDTV.

The incident occurred just outside her paying guest (PG) accommodation at 10 pm on April 23, reports The Hindu

A CCTV camera installed nearby captured the entire act.

From the visuals, it is seen that the attacker grabs the victim from behind while she is talking on the phone. The victim is apparently kicking away in a desperate bid to free herself from him.

What is even more shocking than the act itself, is how a lady who is also seen in the footage seems totally unperturbed, casually walking by in a state of oblivion.

The Hindu report further states the unidentified man took her to a construction site and tried raping her. However, as per the victim, she reportedly bit the man and managed to flee and rushed back to her PG.

“I started shouting, he tried to close my mouth, then I bit him to rescue myself. Reacting to it he hit me, then I fell unconscious due to fear.” He then fled from the scene leaving her lying unconscious. “I was unconscious for about five minutes, by then he was not there. My bag and phone was still there,” she said. 

The girl however, was reportedly hesitant to file an FIR and only ended up doing so a week later, reports NDTV.

No arrests have been made so far.

This is the second such incident of brazen kidnapping that has emerged in recent times after the Muktsar kidnapping incident on March 24, which too was caught on CCTV.