Every year on Diwali we see certain images of lit up India. Not all these images are real. Here’s looking at some of these images shared widely by people but 100% fake.

1. This fake image was circulated by a Facebook user saying this was India at night during Diwali and the picture was by NASA.

This was the original image at that time in 2012.

Business Insider

The image was actually colour-composite, created in 2003 by NOAA scientist Chris Elvidge to highlight population growth over time.

2. India on Diwali. Courtesy: NASA once again.

3. Same pics. Another year.

4. This apparently is a night time picture of Diwali lights in India.

5. Virender Sehwag also shared this pic which turned out be fake.

If we look back in history, Diwali pics are one of the biggest fake stories circulated on social media.