Talk about bravery at work and Sundar Lal’s story will fit right in. A scary yet brave move by a traffic cop is doing rounds on the internet, where we see how he puts his life in danger to save a little child from a potentially fatal accident.

The video shared by a Twitter user Awanish Sharan– a CCTV footage shows Sundar Lal (traffic cop) saving the child by running in front of a moving bus in the midst of a traffic jam. 

In the footage, we can see the child slipping from a rickshaw, smack into the middle of traffic. Thankfully, Sundar Lal was aware and rushed in to save the child. The clip has gone viral with more than 700k views and 45k likes.  

Have a look:

People on Twitter are lauding the brave move by the traffic cop. A few also pointed out how it was a joint effort of the bus driver and the cop. 

Indeed, a brave move and a great presence of mind. 

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