Over the years, Delhi police and Mumbai police have spread awareness with their quirky and witty responses for cool kids everywhere. 

Safe to say, the message just hits right with humour instead of a police station. It’s interesting to see how every issue is addressed with a witty comeback! 

Until we find out who is the person behind this is, let’s take a dig into their social media game. 

1. When Indians fought Covid-19 with Dolo 650 humour, who could stop Delhi police from meme-ing it?

2. As Shark Tank India slowly became popular, comedians even roasted it, but the Mumbai police post won the game. 

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3. When Novak Djokovic thought safety was a joke. But Delhi police made it clear, “Safety is no JOKE-ovic”.

4. When our new obsession of 2022, Wordle was trending, Mumbai police ensured safety 365 x24/7 (IYKYK).

5. In a world full of fake news (people), Delhi police attempted to curb it and won our hearts.

6. When Mumbai police left us with no option but to laugh hard.

7. When Delhi police kept up with Vicky and Katrina’s wedding and asked us to keep our passwords as secure as their wedding.

8. When Mumbai police called out Bollywood for normalising misogyny, we couldn’t agree more. 

9. When Delhi police compared virus & John Cena together and asked us to wear a mask! 

10. When Mumbai police spread the importance of ‘Mask’ in different languages. Sure. It straight went to our head like bun maska pav in our tummies.

11. When Delhi police predicted 2022 based on our zodiac signs. Indeed, it was adorable and healthy.

12. The only plan Mumbai police approved for the new year’s was with our ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’.  

 13. The only cross-over Delhi police approved for us. 

14. Me to Mumbai police Aise har cheez relatable banaana is funny!

How much more relatable can you guys be? 

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