Now that Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif are married and we can rest assured that the chatter around their relationship wasn’t just rumours, can we talk about how we all really fell for their whole ‘we’re not together,’ act?

There were so many times when it was evident that these two will either start dating or end up together, but almost all of us were shocked when news of their wedding hit the internet! So, here are all the signs that we ‘didn’t see,’ that these two were together. Read on. 

1. First and foremost, these instances on episodes of Koffee With Karan in 2018. 

2. We sure as hell didn’t see it when Vicky Kaushal literally asked Katrina to marry him at an award show. 

3. Or when they had this date night, and were looking cute as ever. 

4. Of course wearing matching clothes was not a sign they were seeing each other. 

What if it was the same hoodie guys!

5. Katrina’s head on what looks like Vicky Kaushal’s shoulder! Not dating at all. 

6. Or when they looked like they were on a date on the sets of Film Companion. 

Every time they’re together, they literally look like it’s just them in the whole room. 

7. And we absolutely didn’t notice their chemistry when he sang Teri Ore to her.

8. What about this moment here? We couldn’t have possibly guessed Vicky Kaushal’s warm fuzzy feelings for Kaif. 


9. Also, also. Reports of them getting engaged couldn’t have been a sign they were together either.

Seriously though, the janta was still thinking that they were seperate photos from their Diwali parties. 

We totally didn’t see these two getting married. NOT.