Recently, army veteran  Brigadier R S Pathania Tweeted remembering and grieving the loss of Chief of Defence Staff Bipin Rawat. Among the many people who commented on the post sending over prayers and kind words, there was a former Major of the Pakistan Army too. Major Adil Raja’s words touched everyone’s hearts with the amount of respect and honour they held.


After he responded to the post, Major Adil also came back with an old Punjabi quote which teaches people to never laugh at the demise or ending of an enemy because one day, your loved ones will also die or be hurt in some way or the other. And how it is a basic sign of respect to not revel in an enemies downfall. 

In our Punjabi folklore they say, “dushman maray te khushian na manawoo, kadday sajna v mar jaana.” Means: “Don’t celebrate the deaths of your enemies as some day friends would also die.”

Everyone deserves respect, even if they were once a person who stood against you for something. And Major Adil Raja has shown us all how to walk the talk.