After PM Modi’s niece, Damayanti Ben Modi, was robbed in Delhi’s Civil Lines, it was reported that around 700 policemen were deployed by the Delhi Police to nab the culprits. 

Apparently, 200-odd CCTV footages were also checked before the culprits were finally caught. 

The Hans India

After further enquiries, the police arrested 21-year-old Gaurav, alias Nonu, from Sonipat. The other man involved in the robbery, Badal, was later arrested from Sultanpuri. 


Where the police worked hard to find those responsible for looting PM Modi’s niece, citizens took to Twitter to ask whether the same will be done if a common person suffers from something similar. 

Some even ridiculed the use of 700-odd policemen just to catch 2 robbers. 

While we’re unsure whether PM Modi actually knew about the incident but it seems the police worked proactively to nab the culprits in this particular case. 

Something we wish happened regularly for every case.