When the Monolith saga first started in December 2020, people across the globe collectively lost their calm. From Utah to Pittsburgh, this shiny block of stone appeared in various countries completely out of the blue. 

While this sure was creating quite a storm around the world, us desis just patiently waited for this Monolith to grace our country with its presence. 

Well, its time to rejoice because apna number finally agaya. A mysterious monolith appeared in aamchi Mumbai and it was found in Bandra’s Joggers park.    

Even though we are extremely late to this party and feel like the Internet Explorer of this Monolith appearance, we suggest that anyone who wishes to should catch its glimpse as soon as possible. 

Twitter has all sorts of thoughts regarding this monolith.  

Though the artist is anonymous, it is said that this is the work of an Ahmedabad-based sculptor who has a passion for creating large stainless steel sculptures with close ties to nature. He was apparently the one responsible for the Monolith that was found in Symphony Forest Park in Thaltej. 

Let’s see where this monolith appears next.