Whether you’re taking your pet for a walk or going for a quick grocery run, covering your face with masks and armouring yourself with gloves before stepping out of the house has become our new normal.  

The National

And while the Romanian president was fined $600 for not maintaining social distancing, Twitterati has just pointed out that our Home Minister has not been wearing his mask properly.

Amit Shah was spotted covering his mouth with the mask and exposing his nose. 

Honestly, after reading these tweets, we googled pictures of Home Minster Amit Shah wearing his mask during the pandemic and looks like Netizens were right. 

Democratic Accent

In the pandemic edition of Fear Factor, there were times when Amit Shah was spotted without a mask.  


However, worried about the well being of our Home Minister, Netizens took a minute to teach Amit Shah the right way of wearing a mask:  

Just to remind you, you can also be fined for stepping outside your house without wearing a mask. Please be responsible and don’t forget to cover your mouth and nose with the mask.