The Australian fires are so bad that it’s reportedly the size of Manhattan… which is 59.1 square kilometer to be exact. 

This has led to the temperature rising to 44 degrees in Canberra, the capital city of Australia, breaking a 80-year-old record. 

The Independent

The firefighters are trying to contain the fire, which has claimed the lives of half a billion animals and eight humans – while harming the environment more each day.

NY Times

To put things into perspective, a person named Bodie Ashton started a Twitter thread, which addresses various aspects of this natural calamity. 

He starts with numbers of casualties and the length of the affected area.

He then moves on to the Australian government’s negligence and unwillingness to discuss a matter so pressing nature. This includes the Australian PM’s holiday trip.

Fireworks in Adelaide – which should ideally not be taking place – caused another fire. This cost millions, the money which could have been spent on the people trying to contain the calamity.

Giving us an idea of the intensity of the bushfires, Bodie pointed out that they exceed even the one in Amazon.

There were other points about temperature rise and the seriousness of the whole situation. You can read them here:

A few days ago, the skies in some parts of Australia turned red during the day due to the fire, which doesn’t seem to be going out any time soon.