Dogs are one of the most loyal beings on Earth that we will ever come across. 

According to reports by Hindustan Times, two dogs have been searching and waiting in Kerala’s Idukki district, where the landslide took place on Thursday night, for their humans to return. 


Apparently, some rescue workers tried offering them food but, they were busy searching for their humans. The two dogs have been waiting at the site for five days now. MJ Babu, a senior journalist from Munnar said: 

The pets’ plight has moved everyone. Whenever a body is extricated, they rush to the spot. Then they return to the shade under the rocks, waiting for the next. 

Some people even tried to take the dogs to their houses but both the canines refused to budge. They have been withstanding the rain and mist, hoping for their human to return but, unfortunately they haven't been identified yet.

This piece of news left Twitter teary-eyed. 

portion of the Pettimalai hills, near Munnar caved in, destroying at least 30 houses of poor plantation workers. While 45 people have lost their lives, 28 people including the humans of the two dogs, are still missing.