Remember the viral Google Ad about two old friends who were divided by partition but found a way to reconnect? Who'd have guessed that reel would become real, unfolding a similar story? But that's exactly what happened in Kartarpur's Gurdwara Darbar Sahib.

With the opening of the Kartarpur Corridor, two old friends separated by partition were reunited. In 1947, India's Sardar Gopal Singh and his childhood friend from Pakistan Mohammad Bashir split up.  

Their eyes welled up with emotions when they saw one other after years and they embraced each other. Sardar Gopal Singh is currently 94 years old, whereas Mohammad Bashir is 91 years old.

Their reunion was reported by Pakistan's 'Dawn' news outlet, who added that the two reminisced about their childhood. Both Singh and Bashir were in their teens when they visited Baba Guru Nanak's Gurdwara and had lunch and tea together before the Partition and the foundation of Pakistan.

The story caught attention on social media and people started rooting for the two old friends. 

Sounds like a movie plot turned into reality and our hearts are full!