The violence amidst CAA protests has been a source of concern for all sides. UP government announced that they would make rioters pay for damage. But, the cops of Firozabad messed up really bad when it comes to listing down people who damaged properties during these protests. 

According to reports, Firozabad police embarrassed themselves as they included a 90-year-old man called Banne Khan who was dead for 6 years in the list of 200 people who hampered peace during protests. 


The notice was also sent to a 93-year-old social worker named Fasahat Mir Khan and both the men were asked to appear before a government magistrate and apply for bail after submitting a bond of Rs 10 lakh. But the UP government has promised to rectify this mistake made by them. 


Firozabad City Magistrate Kunwar Pankaj Singh quoted,  

There was a lot of pressure on us to maintain peace and these were interim measures taken based on reports from various police stations. No action will be taken against any elderly people. 

Amidst the CAA protests in Firozabad, four people have died on December 20, about 35 cases were registered due to violence. 29 people in total have been named and 14 have been arrested.  


The UP government is the first state to send notices to people for damaging property during the protests.