Water crisis in India has been getting out of hand in the last few years and the country’s capital along with 21 other cities are expected to run out of groundwater by 2020. 


Coming up with a plan to save water, the Uttar Pradesh government issued an order to serve only half-filled glasses of water in the state Secretariat in Lucknow, reports NDTV.  

Huffington Post

The order, which was issued on Thursday July 18, had directed to put only half-filled water glasses so nobody can waste water. 

Further the order read: 

It has been directed by the Assembly Speaker that initially half-filled glasses will be in the state Secretariat. It is often seen that people do not drink the entire water from the glass. 

Though this will be the new trend in the UP Secretariat and all its departments, it is believed that if anyone will require more water, he or she will be provided more, without any disparity. 

The move will be implemented within the Secretariat premise only.