It’s been a glorious Sunday, indeed. One where the world has celebrated the end of a fascist, racist, sexist regime and welcomed a hopeful change. US President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President, Kamala Harris are the sign of that hopeful change. 

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But, more importantly, Kamala Harris is a beacon of hope for women and girls everywhere in the world. In her acceptance speech, her voice echoed the strife of so many women of colour. She has through these years represented that struggle and that strength through grace. 

Her acceptance speech this morning was proof of that poise and grace, as she walked on to the stage – to a Mary J Blige song that couldn’t have been more apt – wearing a suffragette white pantsuit that represented the endless fight for women’s rights, throughout history. 

Kamala Harris’ fashion moments isn’t just about being on trend, chic or elegant. It’s so much more. 


The fact that she chooses pantsuits over skirts, dresses like most; or the fact that these outfits have POCKETS(!) – women everywhere have noticed this I kid you not. AND the fact that she gives two hoots about the heels and chooses easy Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers! 

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These elements. They don’t just make her stand out, no. They actually make her so much more relatable to every modern working woman with ambitions. That it’s cool. That it’s ‘trendy’, that it’s not ‘a man’s world’ as we’re taught. That we can wear pantsuits, with sneakers and own the room we walk into. That our work counts more than our gender, colour or sexual orientation!

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THAT’S what Kamala Harris’ personal style stands for. 

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But, what’s new about the pantsuit, eh? It’s been around for sometime now and is probably old news for the runway, anyway. True. But, wouldn’t it be denial to say that the pantsuit has always been glamourised, tapered and tailored to ‘fit’ a woman’s body in a way that always exuded more feminism. As if to reiterate that women wearing pantsuits didn’t take away their femininity but added more, or even ‘overcompensated’ for not wearing a more socially-accepted dress. 

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That’s why Harris’ suits are so important. They bear no frills, no glamourising, no overtly feminine notes to overcompensate her not wearing frills and dresses as often. Kamala Harris normalises women in power positions, or even working women wearing pantsuits that do not have to be body flattering just because they’re being worn by a woman. 

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It’s probably the only style statement that has mattered in a while and I’m here for it!