Okay, something is up with this world. 

No I am not talking about World War 3, I am talking about fucking disgusting food combinations everyone is coming up with.

You thought pineapple on pizza was weird? Well, now we have gulab jamun- vada paav.

Gulab jamun ki sabzi.

Maggi and milk.

And the latest, chicken and tea.

Yeah, someone shared a video of tandoori chicken being dipped in tea for a meal and I have lost my appetite for weeks, after watching that.

I mean, I am all for independent choices and people doing what they feel like. But we gotta draw the line somewhere. This is where we gotta draw the line.

And I am not the only one feeling the disgust. There are others.

Guys, we have enough problems in life. We don't need newer ones. Don't do this. Please. I beg you.