Amid the lockdown, police officials from all across the nation have been deployed to ensure public safety. And some officials go beyond their way to come up with innovative and creative methods to motivate the citizens to stay indoors. 

Recently, we spotted a video of a very talented Mumbai Police official who sings and encourages people to stay at home while patrolling the streets. 

With an aim to boost people’s morale and spread awareness in an informative yet entertaining way, the officer was seen singing Zindagi Maut Na Ban Jaaye, SambhaloYaro from Sarfarosh through his mask and into a mic. 

Police officials have been on the front line, fighting the battle of containing the spread of the pandemic. Every day they risk their safety and patrol the streets to make sure that we’re protected. 


This is one of the few instances where police officials have gone above and beyond their duty calls to comfort the citizens amidst lockdown.  

Twitter is paying their tributes to this officer for thinking of this amazingly peaceful and innovative way to motivate people to stay indoors: 

These rare acts of kindness by the officials in Khaki is really heartwarming. We wish more officials resorted to creative measures like these.