Amidst the protests in Guwahati, Assam against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, a new report has emerged. Police personnel reportedly barged into the office of a private TV news channel and beat up its employees. 

According to Scroll, at around 6 pm on Thursday, Assam police personnel entered the campus of Prag News and beat up its staffers who were sitting outside the building. Following this, they entered the building and manhandled employees near the reception area. 

It was completely unprovoked and we demand an unconditional apology from Assam police. 

-Pranay Bordoloi, the managing editor told Scroll

Pranay added that around 45 minutes before this incident took place, the police had asked people protesting in the locality to disperse, asking them to move aside. However, Pranay stated that there was no reason for them (the police) to enter a media office. 

The situation has worsened in Assam, with two people being killed in a police firing on Thursday, 11 others being injured by bullet wounds and thousands more protesting. Towns and cities have been put under indefinite curfew in the state, and internet in 10 districts has been suspended for another 48 hours beginning 12 pm on Thursday.