2020 is turning out to be quite an eventful year. 

While, the colossal explosion in Beirut shook the world, now, horrifying videos and images of a massive sandstorm engulfing the city of Jaisalmer, in Rajasthan, has been doing rounds on the internet. 

The sandstorm reportedly started at around 6:30 PM on 5th August affecting neigbouring cities like Balotra and Barmer too. 

Almost 300 kms of area was covered with dust, making it impossible for passersby to see clearly. Naturally, this incident sent the locals of the area into a state of panic. 

Source: www.storypick.com

According to reports by News18 Lokmat, dust clouds first erupted in the villages of Poonam Nagar, Nehadai, and Mohangarh. The dust, then moved towards the west where luxury hotels and the city's famous Sonar fort also got affected.

Social media users also shared videos of the enormous sandstorm. And, trust me it looks apocalyptic.

Thankfully, no casualties were reported. 

2020, please stop! Will you?