Over 55 lakh people have been affected by the floods in Assam and Bihar. Many people have lost their lives and even animals have died due to heavy flooding. And, they need our help and support more than ever. 

Speaking of which, celebrity chef Vikas Khanna is now conducting a major food drive across flood-affected regions in India. Under this initiative, he will be covering over 100 villages in Assam and Bihar and will be feeding the poor who have no food or shelter. 

He also mentioned that he will be distributing dry ration to the affected villages across Bihar and Assam. 

Apart from providing food to those affected by the floods, Vikas Khanna has also revealed that he will be conducting a major food drive, Food Print, to benefit poor street vendors who are struggling to make ends meet due to the pandemic and the lockdown.

 While making the announcement on Twitter, he wrote:

They stood for hours to feed us and give us some of the most cherished memories & taste. It’s time for us to feed them.

Twitter has been lauding Vikas Khanna for his humanitarian work. 

Ever since the lockdown came into effect in India, Vikas Khanna has been providing meals to afflicted communities like transgenders, differently-abled and sex workers who are facing hardships due to the pandemic. He also extended a helping hand to migrant workers and abandoned parents. 

A man with a golden heart and a kind soul.